Cavtat Station

CAVTAT Station (in Zvekovica) is 125.71 m above sea level, 31.7 km from Uskoplje and 290.0 km from Sarajevo. The building has 2 floors with an attic. It was purchased from the occupants by the Croatian Armed Forces in 2003. There was a passenger restroom next to the building, and a flower garden that housed a fountain.

The station had a controller, traffic officers, porters and other necessary staff. The track area was 314 m long with three tracks at the beginning  of the hill 2km from the sea and Cavtat. The station had two branches on which steam engines received water from both directions, due to the tourists, trains paused for 6 minutes at the station. The goods warehouse was demolished however there remained a water filtering basin, which carried water by pipeline from the village of Uskoplje.

There were also a railroad supervisor and a dozen line workers. On the track near the building of the former train station, Zagreb’s Tvornica elektroproizvoda (TEP) built its plant however is no longer operational.

In the opposite direction from Cavtat to Mihanići, a long bend in the railway line crosses the road and begins the climb up hill with an ascent rate of 25 metres per kilometre.  The trains would leave Cavtat with 3 carriages dragged and pushed on the Army line to Glavska, sometimes continuing to Uskoplje as it was also necessary to push trains to Glavsko from Uskoplje. It was especially difficult to get grip on the line in the early morning when the dew would fall so there was a sand blasting machine present to create purchase. Sometimes the engine power would not be enough to get the carriage weight out of Cavtat so the locomotive would nudge on the train and push on to the Army line. She would stop there and return to Cavtat without stopping the train.

From Cavtat station, the railway continued towards Čilipi on the side of Trn Hill (below Dubrovnik Airport) and above Konavosko Polje in a gentle ascent where it turned across Borovnić towards Čilipi station.



  1. I found an abandoned building near the trackway on a hike. It was near the building that the fire department is now in. Is that the old TEP? Is the building that houses the school near there the old station?

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