Ćilipi Station

The Čilipi stop  and the station sits at at 131.61m above sea level, 36.3 km from Uskoplje and 299.6 km from Sarajevo. A commodity warehouse stands at the entrance before the main building. The ground floor is a typical station building with adjoining toilet. Today it is a privately owned Vukorep family building.

The Čilipi site had three tracks (the passing track was 222m long), and fast trains sometimes stopped due to tourist numbers in Čilipi.

In Čilipi, fruit and vegetables were loaded in large quantities during the main season. Such  a large quantity of goods was being loaded  the employee of the cooperative Pero Arbulić could not weigh and load everything himself. For help, he knew to call Mara Vukorep Ravanjka, the wife of friend, a railroad clerk who lived in the apartment building. Mara assisted in the weighing of vegetables for a fee and would  organise when the local farmers would  hand over their goods for purchase and shipping. She knew how to get busy, but also to threaten, so all was clear around the business. Feather would write her a diary. She had many children, as was her want. The station was constantly crowded with people and horses in the summer. Vegetables and fruits were transported by high-speed trains to Sarajevo.

From Čilipi  the railway continues further towards Komaj station. One kilometer from the station below the Holy Sunday Cemetery, the railway crosses the Dubrovnik-Herceg Novi lne. Further, the “Eight” line continued up the hill above the main road towards the Vigna and the intersection crossed the local road to the village of Komaj. From Komaj, the main road ran between the railway and Konavle field to Debeli Brijeg and further to Zelenika.

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  1. Fascinating. I’ve looked at the Cilipi station several times and walked along the right of way.
    So interesting to read these vignettes of the history.
    Thank you.

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